Old Bridge Surgery

December News Communication

Dear All

We hope you have had a relaxing Christmas and are starting to look forward to the New Year.

Our next COVID clinic will take place at the Millpool Centre on Friday 7th January 2022 and is now available to book by calling the surgery on 01503 266 960.

With COVID numbers on the increase locally, it is really is vital that patients start or complete their Covid vaccination course as soon as possible, to help protect yourself and others.  What’s more the sooner we can get the whole of the community vaccinated, the sooner we can return to something which resembles ‘business as usual’, so please do come forward and book an appointment now.

Who is currently eligible?

Thankfully the majority of our patients are now vaccinated, however below is some useful information to help you (or others you may know) understand who is eligible:

  • 1st doses for people aged 12 years and over
  • 2nd doses for people over the aged of 18 years (at least 8 weeks after your first dose). For patients 12 to 17 years, 2nd doses are available after at least 12 weeks after your first dose, unless they are at high risk of Covid then these can be offered from at least 8 weeks.
  • 3rd doses for people with a severely weakened immune system (aged 18 years old and over). These patients are typically notified via hospital specialists.
  • Boosters for people aged 18 years and over, or patients aged 16 and 17 years who are at high risk of Covid 19 or frontline health and social care workers. These can be offered after 12 weeks from your 2nd or 3rd

The Community Needs You – Next Steps?

If you haven’t had your full course and are eligible call now.  Limited vaccine is available on January 7th, so early bookings are really essential.

Thank you for your continued support

Surgery Partners and Team, Old Bridge Surgery