Old Bridge Surgery

Who Should I See?

We offer appointments with GPs, (Advanced) Nurse Practitioners, Practice Nurses and Health Care Assistants. Before you book an appointment with a doctor please consider whether an appointment with a Nurse Practitioner or a Practice Nurse might be appropriate.

Our receptionists can help you to decide who would be the most appropriate clinician for you to see and, to help them, they will ask you to briefly explain your health problem or request. Please be assured that they are bound by the same principles of confidentiality as everyone else at the practice and they only ask for the information to give you the best possible service our practice can offer.

GP Days Worked:

Dr Hannah Mogford (F) – Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Dr Ian Buchanan (M) – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning and Thursday

Dr Patrick Southam (M) – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Dr Laura Fieldhouse (F) – Monday and Wednesday (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Dr Bruce Hughes (M) – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday


Date published: 17th February, 2017
Date last updated: 24th November, 2023