Old Bridge Surgery

Patient Participation Group

Old Bridge Surgery has a Patient Participation Group (PPG) which comprises a small group of volunteer patients working in partnership with the practice to:

  • act as long-term, critical friends to the practice in order to identify, agree and deliver short-term and long-term improvements that will benefit patients and the practice
  • foster communication with the wider patient population, building stronger patient-doctor relationships
  • encourage more patients to give their views about how the practice is doing
  • provide practical support to the practice

You can find the terms of reference for the PPG and minutes of the recent meetings here.

We are looking for new members to join our PPG – if you are interested please email the PPG at [email protected]

Old Bridge Surgery welcomes all feedback from its patients. If you are not interested in joining our PPG but still want to have your say, the easiest way to do this is to fill out a Friends and Family Test.

Virtual PPG

We are also setting up a virtual PPG – a larger group of patients who would like to be part of the Patient Participation Group but prefer not to attend the quarterly PPG meetings. Members of the virtual PPG get involved by email instead and information such as minutes of the PPG meetings, occasional surveys and relevant information about the practice will be shared electronically. It means that if you can’t make face-to-face meetings, you can still be kept informed, give your views and participate.

If you have been to the Old Bridge Surgery as a patient, your experiences matter and you can bring different ideas to the practice to help it treat patients better or to improve the practice’s activities in some way.

There is also an Old Bridge Surgery PPG Facebook page that you may like to follow.

To join the virtual PPG please contact us by email: [email protected]

Date published: 27th July, 2017
Date last updated: 22nd June, 2023