Immunisations and Vaccinations

You want to do what is best for your children. You know about the importance of car seats, stair gates and ways to keep them safe. But did you know that one of the best ways to protect your children is to make sure they have all of their vaccinations?

Immunisations can save your child’s life. Because of advances in medical science, you child can be protected against more diseases than ever before. Some diseases that once injured or killed thousands of children, have been eliminated completely and others are close to extinction – primarily due to safe and effective vaccines.

Vaccinations are very safe and effective. Vaccines are only given to children after a long and careful review by scientists, doctors and healthcare professionals. Vaccines will involve some discomfort and may cause pain, redness or tenderness at the site of the injection but this is minimal compared to the pain, discomfort, and trauma of the diseases these vaccines prevent. Serious side effects following a vaccination, such as severe allergic reaction, are very rare. The disease prevention benefits of getting vaccines are much greater than the possible side effects for almost all children.

Vaccinations protect others you care about as well. Newborn babies and babies with a low immune system (because of treatments like chemotherapy or diseases like leukaemia) will also be protected if enough people in a community are vaccinated and hence the spread of these diseases can be prevented. Due to reduction in numbers of children vaccinated some diseases like measles and whooping cough have started to become a threat again to the most vulnerable people and babies. More information can be found by clicking here.

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