Old Bridge Surgery

Home Visits

There are better facilities for examining and treating patients at the GP surgery, however, if you feel you do need a home visit, please try to inform us before 10:00am.

Please only ask the doctor to visit when you / the patient are genuinely too ill or too frail to come to the surgery, not for reasons of convenience or lack of personal transport. If you / the patient have a temperature or a rash coming to the surgery will usually do no harm, however please advise the receptionist at the time of the appointment. Together with the triage GP on the day, they will consider and assess the circumstances to determine the best course of action to access the appropriate healthcare.

When you request a visit the receptionist will ask you for full details, including the patient’s name, address, age, telephone number and the reason for the visit. This information enables the duty doctor to call you first to assess the urgency and then prioritise his/her calls/visits, allowing urgent visits to be dealt with promptly. Nurse Practitioners may undertake certain home visits (where appropriate).

In the case of an emergency, you may be advised to call an ambulance straightaway using 999.

Date published: 18th July, 2017
Date last updated: 18th July, 2017