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Medical Education

Medical Students

The Practice is involved with the GP training of medical students. These are mostly medical students from Plymouth University Schools of Medicine. They will often sit in with the GPs and sometimes see patients by themselves under close supervision of one of the doctors. Students will only see patients once the patient’s consent has been obtained.

Our students have always enjoyed their time in General Practice and we would like to thank all of our patients for their willingness to help with their education.

GP Registrar (GP-ST3)

Every year we train apprentice GPs. The apprentice GP is known as a GP registrar and is a fully qualified doctor, often with many years’ experience of seeing patients. Although the GP registrar is only attached to the Practice for one year, many patients have enjoyed seeing them.

Foundation Doctors (F2/FY2)

The Practice takes on doctors who are in the second year of their hospital foundation training from Derriford Hospital.  These are qualified doctors who are attached to General Practice for a period of four months.