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Accessing a GP has been totally transformed as a result of COVID, with more and more appointments being undertaken over the telephone or via video consultations.

Video consultations are proving increasingly popular for many of our patients, who enjoy accessing GPs without leaving the home. In addition, as local businesses get started again and many people are going back to work, we’d like to remind all of our patients about the benefits of LIVI, a GP video consultation service.

Sign up to LIVI NOW so it is ready to be used when you need it.

Patients of Old Bridge Surgery can see a NHS GP by video using LIVI from 7am -10pm Monday – Friday and 8am-4pm at the weekend.

We’ve heard lots of positive experiences from patients that have used LIVI to-date, including patients who have been seen within 5 minutes of booking an appointment and working patients who can now see a GP after their long working days.

Whether you want to be seen in minutes, or whether you want to pre-book up to 7 days in advance, LIVI GPs are accessible for medical advice, prescriptions and referrals.

With your consent, LIVI GPs, who are all GMC-registered NHS-GPs, can access your medical records, and can assess, diagnose and support you, much the same as an Old Bridge Surgery GP, just at different time of the day!  Free of charge, you can download the LIVI app via the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).

For frequently asked questions and/or to download the LIVI app visit http://www.livi.co.uk.

Sign-up now to be ready to access a GP when Old Bridge Surgery is closed, ensuring that you have access to medical care more days and hours of the week, providing some added reassurance during these uncertain times.